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Head of Carrier engineering job Overview:

Company Name                               :           Google

Job Title                                             :           Head of Carrier Engineering

Address                                                         Oslo Norway

Salary Range                                    :           N/A

Job-Type                                            :           Full-time

Job Location                                     :           N/A

Age Limit for job                             :           N/A

Gender                                              :           Male/Female

Industry/Sector                               :           Software

Company Size                                  :           N/A

Education Qualification                 :           B.S.c in CSE

Average Base Salary Estimate      :           N/A

Company Founded                         :           September 4, 1998

Project Type                                     :           Permanent.

Company Type                                 :           Private

Industry Type                                   :           Software IT

Company Revenue                          :           N/A

Company Website                          :           https://careers.google.com/

Published                                          :           N/A

Deadline                                            :           N/A

Skill                                                     :           2G, 3G, 4G LTE, Volte, 4X4 MIMO, 5G, and antenna design. Follow below for more skills.

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head of carrier engineering
Google Head of Carrier Engineering

Head of Carrier Engineering Job Description

Head of Carrier engineering preferred qualifications

  • Experiment with running test projects across multiple regions or locations with competing resources and priorities.
  • Experience in any of the following: mobile testing, mobile version management, mobile operating system and application system, and/or software hardware integration.
  • Learn about the cellular radio technologies and the features, such as 2G/3G/4G LTE, Volte, 4X4 MIMO, 5G, antenna design, etc. And learn about all android and its architecture.
  • Must be able to talk and write in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish or other European languages.

Head of Carrier Engineering Job About

As the technical our entire account manager at Pixel Carrier Engineering, you’ll act as the interface between our external teams, partner testing laboratories, and the internal testing and great development of our teams. You’ll be the good relationship between the operator and the hardware any of our team, and at the same of time promote our product and many platform releases on the front line. You’ll establish a great project team with the internal and the external testing partners to ensure that all types of issues are tracked and reported to the incident of our team. In addition to the present, you will also apply your detailed technical knowledge of wireless standards (such as cellular networks, Wi-Fi, etc.) to view, prioritize, and resolve issues found during certification testing. By creating a complete picture of these projects, you can guide your partners and Google colleagues in launching, implementing, and adopting Google-branded hardware products, using your domain expertise to build and effectively manage technical risks, dependencies, and timelines.

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Head of Carrier Engineering Responsibilities

  • Manage projects, prioritize tasks, and deal with issues to finalize operator and industry approvals for wireless devices.
  • Solve the problem of modem protocol stack and assist the engineering to form technical decisions.
  • Create, maintain, and manage responses to wireless device operator compliance matrix documents.
  • Analyze network characteristics, collect operator requirements, and provide guidance and feedback to engineers and freight managers.
  • Establish and maintain a good relationship with the internal team and executive stakeholders on the partner side.

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